Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Immigration Nation

Kudos to The Independent for spotlighting one of the hot political footballs of the a positive way.

For my money - and it's an opinion not everyone will share - the UK is all the richer for it's successive waves of immigrants over many centuries. In all areas of life, our little island is enhanced by the wonderful diversity of our people - ALL of our people.

When we're slipping into a nightmare scenario when people are being thrown off planes, forbidden from enjoying The London Eye , and having to tolerate a seemingly less welcoming environment we would do well to remind ourselves that we are a hugely mixed crowd, with roots entwined & tangled from a myriad of different places over many generations.

Love All, Serve All!


darrin said...


You right is not an opinion everyone will share - look here for the comments at the bottom,,2-2006390135,00.html

You understand I only look at this website for the sake of balance

John said...

Yup - you can always rely on The Sun to provide a bit of balance!! ;-)))