Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Fantasy Festival

Thanks - once again - to Headphonaught for some lovely bloggin' stuff.

The 'Naught suggests the following game:

"OK... here's a game to play... Fantasy Festival :: 8 artists / bands - only one can return from the dead. Who & why?"

Here's mine....(and this counts for today only & in no particular order)

Santana: Saw them in the 80s, Saw them in the 00s - brilliant both times.

Julie Fowlis- was completed captivated by her band, Dochas, on a track on a compilation album I picked up in FOPP a few months back, so now I'm keen to find out more.

Ry Cooder: Mr Electic Electric - pure genius.

Bill Frisell: Long time jazzy fave.

MUSE: They had completely passed me by, but saw them on TV at Reading, and was seriously impressed.

k d Lang - sings so beautifully, it makes you wanna cry

U2 : Do I REALLY need to explain? ;-)

Stevie Wonder: Playing the old stuff

The passed away one: This was the hardest - there are so many, but I'd probably have to go for Bassist Numero Uno, Jaco Pastorius


darrin said...

No James Blunt in your line up

Are you mad?!!!?

John said...

I was just gutted I couldn't find a place for Ben Harper