Thursday, August 10, 2006

Darrin's Blog

My good buddy, Darrin Reeves, wants to start blogging as soon as he can think of suitable blog name.

This is your chance to contribute by suggesting a name....that's if anyone is out there reading my blog.

I guess it will be easier if you know Darrin - if not, give it a go anyway.


Lard said...

just a thought

headphonaught said...

What about reevesdroppin?

John said...

Hurray!!! Someone's reading my blog!! You've made me sooo happy boys!

darrin said...


Will hope to publish words of wisdom from this weekend onwards.

Whilst grateful for the solid suggestions I have gone for 'An acorn short of an Oaktree' - which I think is quite self explainatory

See you there one day soon


bigblue said...

Nice choice. I prefered reevesdropping though.