Friday, May 22, 2009

Salvation Army guerrilla marketing

Like many Salvationists, I sometimes struggle when we involve marketing folks with our mission.

There’s always the danger that the public perception of The Salvation Army as a huge global social service agency outshadows our primary calling as a people who are followers of Jesus

However, I can’t argue with the creativity of this latest campaign from Portland, Maine.

Check it out here

HT to SavationArmyDonate and Via Marketing for the image


Rob Reardon said...

Interesting concept, isn't it? I'd have to say that I like the guerrilla marketing more than I like the Target vote for your favorite charity facebook campaign!

Johnny said...

Yeah. I think I do too...the subversive thing seems to fit our DNA a little better! :-))

Heather's place said...

There's always a danger of getting side-tracked when we are involved in anything that takes the focus off Jesus - Marketing or music, hi tech media or stylish interiors. Particularly when it's done well - whether we bring in the professionals, or do it ourselves.

I know because I frequently allow myself to get side-tracked.

But as branding/marketing goes I like this.

Of course another danger with the slick marketing - or the gritty realistic stuff - is that we believe our own publicity and pat ourselves on the back for the wonderful work we do. (Or is that just me?)

Johnny said...

It's not just you, Heather! :-)