Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Mucky Paws

Hat tip to Stewart Cutler for pointing me in the direction of elegant little Abbotsford Parish Church site, and in particular Mucky Paws, described by their Rev Roddy Hamilton as “A collection of contemporary liturgies and creative moments from the last month in Abbotsford.”

There’s a simple beauty which seems to come out through everything done at Abbotsford. Check the Photo Albums for a glimpse of that beauty.

If you want some wonderful original liturgies, just bounce Roddy Hamilton an e-mail through the site, and he’ll kindly oblige

One of the liturgies I received is just beautiful:

The Jesus we miss

When we’ve finished with the theological discussion and the denominational differences
may we discover you, O Jesus, laughing at our debates
When we’ve repeated all our creeds and affirmed all our doctrines
may we discover you, O Jesus, looking for hand to feed the hungry
When we’ve preach all the sermons and established all our church credentials
may we discover you, O Jesus, drinking tea with the left-outs
healing saviour
and human friend
prince of peace
and heavenly rebel
wisdom to the wise
and comforter to the lost
Lord of glory
and companion on the road
We come to meet you
the Jesus we miss
who explains all of heaven
in the squeezing of our hand

30th January 2009
Epiphany 4B
Jesus, everyday, seeing

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