Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Brian McLaren: UK Visit June 08

Hat tip to Jason Clarke, who has altered me to the visit of Brian McLaren to the UK in June at the RUN conference .

Jason will also be speaking at some of the seminars.

Gotta check my diary, but it's definitely very interesting.

Peace & blessings



Shane Tucker said...
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Shane Tucker said...

Hi Johnny, thanks for your comment recently on my blog post about the 'Best Downloads of Late'. I'll have to get a hold of a Michael Frost book - I've never read him before but I really like the way he presented (tone), the direction he lead the topic (tack) and his straight forward approach. Refreshing! Seems he and Alan Hirsch's book 'The Shaping of Things To Come' is deemed a must read in emerging church / fresh expression circles so it may be a good place to start!

By the way, I see you're in Oxford and you're a coffee junkie - when I was there last May I stumbled across a coffee shop that claimed the first coffee shop in England opened on that site. Guess you're in a good place to up hold that legacy!

Blessings on you and yours.

Johnny said...

Yup. I'm working through 'The Shaping of Things To Come' right now. Incidentally, I've hooked up with Michael Frost, who's a very gracious guy. He was telling me that the guys at Forge (http://www.forge.org.au/) are working on some resources based on the EXILES book, so I should get my hands on that pretty soon, and will blog about my impressions of the material.

BTW, I'm in OxTED, not OxFORD. :-)

Glad you passed by on the blog.