Friday, February 01, 2008

Roots 2008: The last Roots ever?

Salvation Army-centric post coming!

I got this enigmatic e-mail in my In Box this week, so I wanted to share it, just to do my bit to encourage folks to go along to Roots later in the year:

Subject: The last ROOTS ever?

With the countdown to ROOTS '08 well and truly begun and the team busy preparing for what we hope will be the best event yet, people keep coming up to me and asking whether it's going to be the last.

Before I answer that question, let me tell you where we are. With over a decade of ROOTS events past, we know that Salvationists are more passionate than ever to see their corps renewed and their communities transformed by the gospel. To this end, ROOTS needs to do more than ever before to envision, encourage and equip our The Salvation Army for ministry and mission. In 2007 we commissioned a review to explore how we might do this

In answer to the question, far from the end of the ROOTS movement, ROOTS 2008 will mark a new beginning. From this moment on we want to push and propel, prime and prepare tens of thousands of Salvationists to deepen their faith and widen their impact.

All this begins with ROOTS 2008, Going Public. This life changing weekend will feature world renowned bible teacher Jeff Lucas, Shane Claiborne, founder of The Simple Way community and the inspirational Nims Obunge, leader of the Peace Alliance.

An event for all the family ROOTS 2008 is jam packed with great worship, artists, celebrations, seminars, childrens and youth work. Culminating with our Sunday afternoon 'Going Public Open Air Festival' ROOTS 2008 will equip you and your corps to go public with the gospel.

For more info, visit our web site and you will see all the exciting programmes we have planned.

With our online booking discount now is the time to book and pay less to come to ROOTS. My top tip is to book your accommodation now while there is the best range of options available for your family.

ROOTS is Going Public, I look forward to seeing you in Southport.

Russell Rook
Event Leader


caldjr said...

we'll be there Johnny. Hopefully hook up at some point over the weekend.

Not sure if our B&B will know whats hit it ... they survived Kathryn last year but this year will have Chris & Dawn with Amy and our second addition (due in 16 days!). Perhaps I should start a prayer circle for the owners!!!!

Johnny said...

would be great to get together

Paul said...

rooting for roots :)

Johnny said...

Glad to hear it, Paul!! :-)))

Brian's Blog said...

I just want to say that, Jeff Lucas is a great communicator of God's Word.

Now I wish I was in UK for Roots!!!

Everyone should go! Make an effort!!

Johnny said...

I agree, Brian. Jeff is a regular at Roots, and is always inspiring.