Monday, February 18, 2008

Croydon Overhaul

The town where I go to Church is in the process of a major overhaul over the next few years, which will radically alter the whole area – there are a number of significant developments affecting residential, retail, office and leisure spaces in a way that will cause demographic and societal shifts that will change the face of Croydon, in one or another. It looks like more and more people will be living in the centre of the urban space.

Check out this list of development hyper-activity:

The Exchange Croydon
Ruskin Square
Croydon Gateway
New South Quarter

On top of all this are superstar architect Will Alsop's proposals for Croydon. You can check the site, but it's one of those over the top Flash heavy sites that take some patience to navigate. You might have neither the time or the inclination to find it!

It’s making me wonder how these changes will affect the mission and ministry of The Salvation Army in Croydon? Something for us to watch closely.

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