Friday, December 07, 2007

Chick on TV

Chick Yuill is getting some air time on the BBC this weekend:

• He is a guest on BBC Radio 2 ‘Good Morning Sunday’ show with Aled Jones – where he will share a thought for the day and take part in discussions between 7.30am-8am.

• On the same day he also guests on BBC1 TV ‘Christmas Voices’ with Soprano Lesley Garrett 10am-11am. He’s not singing(which is a great shame! – but will be discussing topical issues including alcohol.

Check it out if you are able!

Hope08 is an initiative supporting the work of Churches in the UK, by facilitating intensified, united, focused prayer and driving a year of activities, communicating the Gospel through words and actions, creating a lasting legacy of both physical and spiritual change in the lives of communities and individuals.

Supporting Local Churches
across the UK in their commitment to serve and witness to their communities

Encouraging Collaboration
between churches and agencies in reaching out to their communities

Resourcing and Training
local churches to develop their ability to engage with their communities on a long term basis

Impacting Individuals and Communities

with the Gospel through words and actions during 2008.

Chick is Chair of the Hope in Greater Manchester core group. He brings a wealth of experience from 35-years in ministry, including 7-years as head of The Salvation Army in the North West.

His role is to support and encourage churches and ministries across Greater Manchester to work together, discern God's will, and plan and prepare for the amazing opportunities offered by Hope 2008.


Heather's place said...

We were home this morning (due to busy Sally Army things the rest of the day) and saw Chic.

To be honest it was one of those rather shallow TV debates where they tackle a really serious issue in a few minutes. No one said anything particularly new or insightful.

Would have like to hear more from all 3 panelist. Although one of them appeared to be suggesting it was the fault of all the immigrants!

John said...

Unless anyone local set the VCR I think my chance to see it has gone.

I did manage to hear some of the radio show,though.


LRozelle said...

Hey Johnny

Thanks for stopping by. See you around the place (or maybe just Duncan's blog).