Sunday, December 16, 2007

Heavy Frost

I have to say a huge "thanks" to fellow Salvationist blogger Craig Gaudion, who tipped me off about this staggeringly powerful and challenging preach from Morling College professor, Pastor of smallboatbigsea, and writer of (amongst other things) EXILES:Living Missionally in a Post-Christian Culture, Michael Frost.

The vid is a couple of mammoth 45 minute slots - 2 preaches from one conference.. but if you can make the time they are well worth hearing....whatever your perspective on life, or wherever you are in your faith journey.

Highly recommended.


Mike & Susanne said...

Hey John,
Thanks for dropping a line on my blog re: me mate Frosty. Yea, good stuff. I like your blog by the way. You sound very interesting and I think we could hit it off as mates.

I am in UK (London usually, or Glasgow) on occasion. Maybe a pint or a cuppa?

You can check out our mob at You can hit the contact thing and it'll come to me.

Le Paix et Joyeux Noel!

John said...

Thanks for the comments, Mike.

It would be excellent if we could hook up at some point.

Keep in touch!