Friday, October 12, 2007

Alba gu Bràth!*

I’m looking forward to traveling to Bellshill tomorrow with the Band, and more importantly hooking up again with Thomas & Olly and the girls. I hear, too, that Dan Rous is going to make a visit, so it will be good to finally meet another blogging buddy in the flesh.

Bellshill can call itself home town to a remarkable array of stellar figures….Man U's Sir Matt Busby, Rangers legend Ally McCoist, Scotland captain Barry Ferguson, Sheena Easton, intermittant blogger Mrs Parker, Chick Yuill…..and MY DAD!

It will be good to spend some time in Scotland again – if only fleetingly.

*It feels good to add some Gaelic to my blog – lends a certain authenticity & celticness.

To be honest, though, I wouldn’t know how to say it!


Lard said...

Give everyone a firm hug from me.

John said...

I shall do that, bud

Steve A said...

I know cause I have seen and it has been remarked elsewhere that your dad looks like Sir Matt Busby.

Craig said...

Johnny, You've inspired me to blog again my friend! Hope you're ok... Would love to have coffee with you sometime if you're free at all

John said...

Steve: Yup - I've heard it said many times.

Craig: good to hear & see that you are blogging again. Would love to hook up for a latte sometime very soon..

I'll message you my digits on F-book

Captain Andrew Clark said...

It is pronounced: a-la-pa goo bra


Andrew C