Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Thanks to the wonderful www, I've been following a couple of my favo(u)rite bloggers, Carlos Whittaker & the Headphonaught, as they're bouncing around the world in different directions, catching a flavo(u)r of another place.

Los & his wife Heather are in South Korean as part of their bid to collect their new son, Losiah and the Headphonaught is in Philadelphia on business, and taking in all the new sights, sounds & smells whenever he gets a free minute.

It's amazing too that another one of the guys I read regularly, Scott Hodge, was able to talk online with Carlos in-flight due to the Free High Speed WiFi on Korean Air. The future is here!

Travel safe guys, and thanks for sharing your experiences.


John Smulo said...

I thought that was really cool to see Carlos and Scott talking on WiFi while in flight as well. I hope all airlines get this feature soon.

Thanks for your comments elsewhere about Jesus-follower vs Christian too--I was interested to see on your profile that you called yourself a "Follower of Jesus" :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey hey... Philly callin'

Thanks for the post... been fun pushing passed my fears and seeing this wonderful city for all that it is. Sunday made me proud to be a Jesus-follower and a Salvationist.

Peace... Booked Roots?


John said...

...haven't booked yet, Thomas (hence losing out on some of the savings offered) but we fully intend to be there, and will make sure we hook up

John said...

Thanks for passing by, John.


Anonymous said...

Nice to browse your site!

God bless
Maria (also in the UK!)

John said...

Maria's in the house!