Friday, November 10, 2006

For us, this is church

Pernell Goodyear of the Freeway continues to inspire:

His latest post is titled "Coffee House As Community Commons, Music & Art Space, Funky Cafe" and outlines something of their current up-to-date story - and it's a really exciting one.

Here's just one paragraph:

"New Lifestyle Choices

It may seem small and insignificant, but we took donations for the local food bank as the cover charge to get in to the concert last night. We encourage very diverse people [particularly those who are vulnerable people] to have a space and journey with others. We recycle... and we have taken measures to cut down on waste. We welcome everyone. We always promote fair trade products, organic choices and friendships, healthy food, ecologically wise decisions, etc. whenever we can.

The combination of deep community, music, art, and urban renewal is a powerful one. We will continue to strive as a community to live differently. To treat people better. To subvert systems that oppress and hold back. To become wiser consumers of goods and services... and to not consume relationships. Basically, to live out the gospel.


For us, this is church.

I've watched Pernell & the FRWY from afar for a good couple of years now, and I continue to be hugely impressed by his passion, and heart for this project.
He & his family have committed to this - big time.

Reminds me of that passage from John 1: 14

"The Word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighborhood"

You are in my prayers, Pernell.


Alexis said...

thanks for the neat blog! and this post in particular. It was a joy to visit.

Thanks also for visiting my post, and commenting.


John said...

no worries, Alexis

John said...

Hi, Im from Melbourne in the land of Oz. Please find a completely different understanding of a Church as Sacred Space via this essay.


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