Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I've been increasingly intrigued & inspired by this sentence I read on the ROCKHARBOR site:

"The rush for this adventurous community was in getting to be the Church – not just attend it. It was clear church was experienced best when we were in living it, not simply watching it happen. ROCKHARBOR had been marked by a heart of passionate involvement.

In the midst of this movement, we began to recognize the importance of having chances to serve and sacrifice for everyone that walked through our doors. It became clear that our young church shined when everyone had a part to play.

Today, this is still true of our growing church – ministry belongs in the hands of our people. But more than ever before, God is aiming us outward – in investing the best we bring beyond ourselves to a world that desperately needs to see His love and life on display. The call is clear – to give ourselves away. To be challenged and changed by investing our best outward. To believe that the more we risk, the more we are transformed to be like Jesus."

It's a lesson for all involved in Church life


Mark Robins said...

You said I should start blogging and a mere one month later, IT HAS BEGUN!!

John said...

Good lad!