Monday, October 23, 2006

Carbonara 4 Lard & Becks

What a great weekend.

Jan & I spent Friday night at our place with Lloyd & Becky, just chillin’, eating, sharing stories about our kids & exploring the outer edges of geekdom during our meandering late night conversations. L&B are seriously good people, and we loved having them round. Cooked my favourite dish (to cook) - dairy-product fueled carbonara. We gotta do it again soon, guys!

We are blessed with some awesome friends.

On Sunday evening at CafĂ© Church we had a visit from The Salvation Army’s Korean Corps in London, based in Wimbledon. Top evening: it was good to spend some time with our Korean brothers & sisters, who had brought along their Singing Group & traditional Percussion Ensemble.

Mia & Noah nearly jumped out of their skins when the Percussion Ensemble started off their piece, but by the end of it Noah was clapping away like a good ‘un.

I’m hoping this new relationship between our two Churches can really flourish.


Lard said...

Twas a joy!

The Spongebob Squarepants especially has me hooked and wanting more.

John said...

oh yeah - Spongebob has that effect.