Thursday, October 22, 2009

One Day and Two Futures

I kinda stumbled across a couple of important initiatives this week that I wanted to share.

Now, each site is quite dense – beautifully put together and full of information - so there’s a lot to take on board, but I think they’re going to chime with the way I see the world. It may be the same for you… so I’d encourage you to have a look as well.

First up is One Day’s Wages, founded by Eugene Cho and his wife, and launched in full effect this week as part of the global fight against extreme poverty.

The Movement of One Day's Wages from One Day's Wages on Vimeo.

The other one that caught my attention after hearing about them on a Mars Hill podcast this week was the Two Futures Project which addresses the pressing threat of nuclear weapon proliferation


darrin said...


brought to mind two things in the UK

there is a Christian CND here and they used to have a magazine called the plough or something like it...people might want to google them and join or just protest

also The Salvation Army's own Self Denial Appeal aimed at its church members used to (does it still?) advocate 1 weeks pay in giving

of course these are done without the flashy websites

Johnny said...

Indeed there is:

I think the Sallys do advocate one weeks wages.

You're absolutely right of course. Flashy websites are definitely not a strength of the Sally Army, particularly in the UK :-)) Creaky old skool ones are more our forte!