Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Peppermint Filled Piñatas: “Breaking Through Tolerance and Embracing Love!” Audio Version

A couple of Christmases ago I picked up a copy* of Eric Bryant’s excellent Peppermint Filled Piñatas:

I read it twice over on that holiday, as I enjoyed padding around our family base for the period, deep in snowbound rural Pennsylvania – a world away from Eric’s home in LA, and the location of Mosaic, where he does life, family and faith together with a richly diverse community of Jesus followers.

The good news is the Audio version of Peppermint Filled Piñatas is now available.

I’m so glad the subtitle of the book is “Breaking Through Tolerance and Embracing Love!”

I’m not comfortable with others simply “tolerating” my family, friends, and colleagues who have a different racial, cultural and social background to me. I want them to be embraced and loved!

Thanks, Eric, for this great little book…look forward to hearing the Audio version.

* For me, the highest recommendation of a book, is when I’ve passed it on to another, so my hard copy of Peppermint Filled Piñatas is currently with @MrsAjp

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