Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Slow down

I’ve become interested in the slow movement over the last year or two, as I often struggle to justify and see the real core benefits of the extraordinary pace of urban life these days. Quite regularly it feels like the wheels could fall off at any given moment.

With this in mind, it was good to have an article from the excellent online ‘zine Worldchanging bounced over to me via Twitter flagging a book by Carl Honoré, In Praise of Slow…something I have to check out.

There’s another site you might want to visit that focuses on the SlowHome. Lots of interesting bits about healthy vibrant neighbo(u)rhood, beautiful eco design and architecture.

In a not entirely unrelated piece in London’s throwaway freebie commuter rag this morning , the METRO listed Michael Pollan’s In Defense Of Food as one of it’s Food Books of the Year. Although I can’t say it’s a maxim I’ve wholeheartedly adopted yet, Pollan’s
“Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants”
mantra has a lot to be said for it. Maybe a good New Year Resolution for me.

Also, anyone who champions the idea of leisurely meals in the company of friends as the way forward gets my vote!


darrin said...

I read about Carl Honore recently and am waiting for his book to arrive by snail mail (I ditched the idea of 'express by 12 noon next day by speedy courier' delivery as it didn't seem appropriate.

I picked up on him because he is the patron of Slow Down London. Its an interesting idea and I'm going to pop the slow festival into my diary. You can checked it all out here

Johnny said...

The Slow Down Festival Sounds really interesting.

I'll have to go too.


Jonathan Blundell said...

guilty on all accounts. need to focus on slowing down myself. and eating less is something i really need to do ;-)

Johnny said...

Me too, Me too!

...I'm gonna work on it, though.