Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Silicon Roundabout - Riding the zeitgeist

Every once is a while a new buzz word hits the streets…looks like the latest one describes the little cluster of web companies in and around London’s Old Street, which has been dubbed “silicon roundabout”.

Yesterday’s FT and today’s Evening Standard each had a feature on Dopplr’s Matt Biddulph, who coined the pithy little phrase.

Let’s see how big it (the phrase) becomes.


darrin said...

Would this be the area recently dubbed Old Old Street Hoxton and Shoreditch

I think the companies they mention were drawn because of the creative buzz already in exsistence...a quick walk round Hoxton Square (just up the road) would be enough to see that

I hope the name doesnt particularly take off I don't want gawpers interupting my lunch time walks

Duncan McFadzean said...

Old St? I seem to remember looking at a lot of the buildings around there with my old work and potentially buying them, flattening them and making luxury flats.....wouldn't be a startup community after that! I guess that's all on hold for now though.

So we've had silicon glen, silicon fen, etc etc I think we need to move past the whole silicon thing. After all, Silicon Valley is now just called "The valley", so that would mean Old St became "The roundabout" and from there it's just one step to "The Magic Roundabout".......