Friday, November 23, 2007

Sutton SA 2.0

The last post I made on the new initiative at Sutton Salvation Army Church prompted the Thomas AKA Headphonaught, self-confessed investigative [nosy] blogger to offer a few thoughts, ask a few questions, and to encourage me to posts a follow-up , so here goes :

Thomas wanted to know if there is a Tariro / Army connection... and who approached who?

Apparently the Tariro thing came about as the first (and only other) coffee shop is in Morden near The Salvation Army’s ALOVE Offices and was used by the ALOVE gang regularly*. In true relational/incarnational style, they got chatting to the owner and developed a friendship. As Tariro are a non-profit making organization and support international development work with their profits there was clearly a lot of common ground.

(*Knowing some of the guys at ALOVE, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve also made relationships with the local Italian, Chinese, Indian & Thai restaurant owners in the area as well!)

When the good folks at Sutton SA looked at their how they wanted to “be” in their community, having a 'proper' coffee house with a shared vision was on the list as one way of ensuring that the buildings are open every day, all day.

In an interesting strangulation of the English language, the Headphonaught asked some questions about footFALL, and a good friend from Sutton responded by talking about their footBALL sports ministry!

Apparently, the football thing was started by some of their sports mad twenty-somethings who were keen to see sports ministry as a part of the church and a way to involve the local boys from the estate with our own kids. Now it incorporates coaches from Fulham FC and the Community Neighbourhood Police team, so that the local PCs can get to know the local boys in a new context and begin to build relationships. The kids train every Saturday at a local park which is a 2 minute walk from The Salvation Army.

Exciting times for Sutton!

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