Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I have to big up The Salvation Army's London South East Divisional Youth Chorus - AKA RE:SOUND.

...went to one of their gigs at Upper Norwood Salvation Army last night, and was completely impressed. As far as I can understand, it's early days for them in their present incarnation as a Gospel Choir, but they did a great job: good, authentic soulful Gospel sound - some soloists of real promise, tight band, and they clearly were having a good time.

On top of all that - and most importantly - they're on fire for Jesus.

I hope they can sustain this, because they can be a really effective unit.

Proceeds were in aid of The SA's WATERSHED appeal

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headphonaught said...

Sounds promising... always looking for talent.

Saw a funk gospel choir in Edinburgh :: Mama Popcorn :: at the Bongo Club. They were amazing... full on gospel with passion and fire... and a backing band that played the tightest funky breakbeats that I have heard in a while. Amazing... oh and did I mention this was in THE BONGO CLUB!!!

I took my non-Christian friend there and he loved it. He wouldn't have come nead a Church Hall... but was happy to go to the Bongo Club.

We need to take the gospel and get out of our secure "boxes" and out to where there is a need.

peace... glad to be back...

oh and thanks for blogging more... keep it up!