Thursday, June 22, 2006

Links - I hope it's worked

I've added a bunch of new links - at least I hope I have - just to beef up my blog a little, and let anyone who might happen to read any of my rambings have an insight into the stuff I read almost daily:

Anita - you should have seen the previous posting which explains all

Hannah - my good friends Grayson & Janice's daughter, who's living the life in the US, working at Camp...brings back memories

Headphonaught - compulsive Scots blogger & barometer of coolness . We have so many things in common it's spooky, but that has yet to be properly explored: Bellshill connection, Greenock memories, music stuff, appreciation of the Lard, Roots, books..very very weird.

Lard - super talented design chappy & all round good egg

Mark Waltz - always has good stuff to say on Church & relationships; part of the Leadershiop team at Granger Community Church, IN, USA

New Hope Christian Fellowship - wonderful Church on Oahu, HI. We used to visit when on vacation in Hawaii, and it's just a wonderful place. Great teaching, wonderful worship & an amazing impact on the community. The stuff of dreams!

Pernell - inspirational Church planter fellah with good stuff to say on most subjects. One day I will go to the Freeway for a latte - it's gonna happen

....did I forget anyone?



headphonaught said...

Brother J... Many thanks for the link and the sweet recommendation. I have also greatly appreciated your comments on the ol' nanolog.

Happy to discuss our connections and hope to meet up at Roots next year.

Thomas aka Headphonaught

John said...

We'll have a latte;

Mark Waltz said...

Johnny -

Hey, bro - thanks for the link... and the props. You call your own posts, ramblings, I call them, life. And it's fun to keep up on what's happening in the life of brother in the UK.

Gods' best -


John said...

Thanks for passing by, Mark..