Thursday, May 11, 2006

It really works!

..this blogging thing. I gotta tell ya. 2 of the guys who inadvertantly have dragged me into blogdom without even knowing about it have been the first to acknowledge my presence! Pernell: I discovered The Freeway..and your blog by randomly surfing though the Canadian Sally Army site a few years back, and have followed your progress since, firing you off an occasional e-mail to let you know you & the FRWY were in my prayers.

'Naught: Similar story, but much more recent. We have so much in common it's spooky...too much to tell.

Anyway, I HAVE to let y'all see this latest pic of the England squad for the forthcoming World Cup.


J ;-)


headphonaught said...

I try to watch from afar Pernell and the Freeway... Real inspiration for me... Something we should be doing in the UK!

matthewjingram said...

Hey John really good to see your blogspot, and I hope to see more soon!

Matt Ingram

p.s. Thanks for coming on Friday, it was really good to have support from the corps!!

John said...

no worries, Matt. You guys are an inspiration!

J :-)